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Exhibition planning for galleries
- intuitive to use and tailored to curatorial practice -

Keep an eye on everything.
Work in an organized way.

With the automatically digitized collection, you can easily design your gallery from the comfort of your PC, Mac or tablet.
So behalten Sie Ihr Ziel vor Augen, können die Platzierungen der Werke ohne Aufwand testen und im Team planen. Without time pressure, without stress – but with full focus on the result.

Curate like a pro!

Data integration as a matter of course

You already have your exhibits digitized? – Perfect!
gallery pro is compatible with all common collection management systems and intelligently integrates your data sets. Of course gallery pro supports all common 2D and 3D file formats from JPEG and PNG to FBX, DAE and GLTF.

Minimum effort, maximum benefit.

Professional Curation. Professional user interface.

Pro software has rarely been easier to use.
With the intuitive user interface, you can easily design the architecture and furnishings of your gallery spaces, decide on color concepts, place display cases, and position exhibits with centimeter precision using dynamic dimensioning.

Many competences.
One interface.

The uncomplicated export of your work results makes it easy to implement your ideas. Give your team detailed information in PDF format. From the floor plan of the gallery, to the wall dimensions of the exhibits, to exact details of frame and mount usage, no questions are left unanswered.

This is how efficient planning works.

Viewing modes

Floor plan view

Model view

3D view

Wall colouring and wall graphics

PDF export of dimensioned wall developments

Frame & Passepartout Manager

Temporary architecture
and individual architecture

temporary partition wall systems,
Pedestals and display cases


Plan exhibitions on the platform of your choice.
Our gallery pro software is available for Windows PC, Mac OS and Android tablets*.

*Limited functionality on Android tablets.

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