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Depot planning & archive management

With depot pro we offer you a software tailored to the special requirements of depot planning and administration.
depot pro will support you in planning, archiving and finding archived works.

One tool for many databases

Thanks to the existing connection routine to all major collection management systems (CMS) such as zetcom museumPlus, GallerySytems TMS or adlib museum, data transfer is completed in the shortest possible time.

If the exhibit placement is stored in the database, it can be mirrored directly; otherwise, the exhibits are arranged in an unordered manner on the drag grids.

Depending on whether the works are framed or unframed in the collection, these metrics are adopted and visualised so that the frame size can also be considered as a relevant criterion.

The placement information can also be imported back into the CMS without any problems, if desired.

Optimising placement

cura3D depot pro offers an algorhitmically supported placement optimisation. After choosing various possible criteria such as publication date, artist, school, or weight, the exhibits are placed taking into account the actual hanging possibilities.

The algorithm proves to be extremely efficient; an existing depot could be optimised by more than 20 % in terms of capacity utilisation.

In the best case, this means being able to do without further drawing grids, the acquisition and installation costs of which would exceed the financial outlay many times over.

Artwork tracking

The filter routine described above, for the pre-selection of exhibits to be placed, enables the exhibits to be found within seconds – and this at the exact spatial position.

So far, the databases list the drawing grid (front and back), but not the exact location of the exhibit we are looking for.

Once the real depot situation has been virtually mirrored, this also means that an inventory check can be carried out in the shortest possible time.

orthogonal view

The orthogonal (frontal) view of the drawing grids and the possibility to “browse” through the drawing grids is a function developed specifically for depot pro.

If the perspective view is absolutely necessary in exhibition planning in order to get an impression of the actual spatial situation, the orthogonal view serves to provide an otpimal overview.

To discuss depot situations, the perspective and floor plan views are of course still available.

PDF export of dimensioned wall developments

The export of individual drawing grids as a PDF serves as an excellent communication basis for rehanging or further depot planning.

The transfer from virtuality back to paper also offers the simplest possibility for discussions and as an “analogue” planning basis for exchanges about archival positions of individual exhibits or possible changes within the depot.

As an example, the preliminary visualisation before a possible depot optimisation can be mentioned here in the simplest conceivable format

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