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Ahead of reality.

The software for virtual exhibition planning

- intuitive to use and tailored to curatorial practice -

With museum pro, cura3D offers an innovative tool that has grown from the first day of development in close collaboration between museums, curators, artists and IT professionals.

A number of aids accompany the development, be it the museum floor plan, real models or computer sketches.

The use of digital visualisation is mostly limited to static aspects. However, the increasing spread of virtual tours for exhibition visitors shows that there are great technical possibilities here that have so far hardly been used in curation and exhibition planning.

Data import


2D import

Import of two-dimensional exhibit images in JPEG, BMP. TIFF, and PNG format.


3D import

Import of three-dimensional exhibits in .FBX or .DAE format (Sketchup export) as well as GLTF format.

Database import

Import and export of exhibit lists. Depending on your requirements, we can adapt cura3D museum pro to a variety of common collection management system formats.

Viewing modes

Floor plan view

Model view

3D view

Wall colouration
and wallpapers

Dynamic dimensioning

PDF export of dimensioned wall developments

Frame & Passepartout Manager

Temporary architecture
and individual architecture

temporary partition wall systems,
Pedestals and display cases

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