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360° InteractiveTour Photo

Communicating exhibitions sustainably

- virtual tours in impressive quality -

1. We deliver the best technology

You can easily obtain the necessary equipment from cura3D. Set the scene for your exhibition in high resolution (512 megapixels with 406 individual shots per location) right from the start. The easy-to-use high-end camera system piXplorer 500 guarantees the best quality down to the smallest detail.

Generate 360 x 180 degree panoramic views within five minutes per viewpoint without any prior technical knowledge.

The technology is delivered to you ready for use via UPS and insured – please carry out assembly and operation using the enclosed instructions.

The optimal basic settings for the recordings are already preset.

2. Define points of view

Which angle should future (online) visitors look at the exhibits? Set perspectives and navigation points at the touch of a button. With the recording, the desired position is already stored one-to-one and serves as a navigation point in the virtual tour.

3. We produce the tour

As soon as the recordings are transmitted, we compile the 360-degree views into an interactive tour. Once the camera system has been returned, the data is available.

Intuitive user guidance and easy control of all control elements of the tour are ensured by the user interface of the panorama software. The photographic post-processing of the panoramic images takes place in this step. We will carry out individual retouching, e.g. of security technology, for you.

4. Annotations

Exhibits linked with text, audio or video information increase the added value of the digital visit. Decide which additional information should be displayed to visitors when they click on an exhibit.

You receive web-based administration access to your 360° tour. You have the option of marking the desired exhibits for each location and adding the following additional information:

5. Interactive map

You send us your floor plan – we create your interactive map with all locations and desired POIs – in the desired design.

  • responsive map display
  • Display of floor / storey, room (number) and viewing direction
  • Change of viewpoint via mouse click
  • Display of custom POIs

6. Publish the project

Of course, we are able to provide hosting capacity for your virtual tour. The 3D view can be easily embedded as a link in all common content management systems and is accessible from mobile phones, tablets or computers.

7. Analyse visitor streams

By integrating the widely used web analytics tool Matomo, specific data can be obtained regarding the length of stay, the origin and the most viewed exhibits. Find out who visits your tours and how long you can captivate your visitors with your offer.

Example tour

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